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Why iFolder Might Fail to Load after installing GroupWise 6

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Posted: 8 Aug 2002

Some people are finding that a perfectly good iFolder client has a problem after they install GroupWise 6. Here's why.

During installation, GroupWise asks if it should upgrade LDAP to a newer version even though the version which is shipped with GroupWise is older than the one which ships with NetWare 6. If you say YES, you'll be in trouble. GroupWise 6 downgrades the following files: LDAPSSL.NLM, LDAPSDK.NLM, and LDAPX.NLM.

GroupWise 6 installs the following versions:

  • LDAPSSL.NLM v. 1.05 (Jan. 11. 2001)
  • LDAPSDK.NLM v. 1.05 (Jan. 11. 2001)
  • LDAPX.NLM v. 1.05 (Jan. 11. 2001)

If this has happened to you, it's easy to fix. Just copy the original files (<CD>:\SYS\SYSTEM) from the NetWare 6 distribution to SYS:SYSTEM, and reboot the server.

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