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Goodbye GroupWise Remote - Hello iFolder

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By Stuart Gunnis

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Posted: 4 Sep 2002

Version: iFolder 2.0

Here's an ingenious way to couple GroupWise Document Management with iFolder.

On our office workstations we have configured our GroupWise save/checkout location to our iFolder directory. Now when we need to work on files at home we just check out the relevent document from GroupWise, go home, and the file is waiting for us.

The document remains checked out of GroupWise whilst we are working on it. No need to use a GroupWise Remote client any longer.

Editor's Note: When working with the doc on the home workstation (where GroupWise is not running), don't remove the doc from iFolder, or even move it from one subfolder to another. The machine where GroupWise IS running will lose track of the document, and it will be tedious to check back in.

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