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Sharing Files with Consultants

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Posted: 7 Nov 2002

If your company works with outside consultants a lot, you know that sharing secure documents and keeping them synched up is a serious issue. See how iFolder has helped these guys create a good place to collaborate with outsiders.

Roger Bayne

I have been attempting to show how iFolder can help us in our everyday needs in and around our office. We have been running iFolder in test for about eight months now. Well, with the ever-increasing use of consultants coming on board that need access to files, I have found a way to prove my case.

I have created a generic user called "ifolder", and have given this to the Powers that Be in order to allow their consultants, (which spread to three different organizations) to share files and PDF docs. No separate NDS users to maintain and I have full control of the size limits for the account.

If you have any questions you may contact Roger at

Thomas Pedersen

I have a customer who would like to provide access to some external consultants working for them. They are working on various Word/Excel documents that should be sent to the office. Previously the external consultants e-mailed these documents to a secretary who would place them in the right folders on the internal server.

With iFolder we solved the problem by creating a shared account for all the consultants to use. They login through the browser and upload the documents. On the inside we use the Netdrive client to map a drive to the iFolder, and they then have live access to the data.

Also we changed their file locations in Word, etc. to point to the iFolder. The Netdrive is installed on the clients using ZEN. This is really cool! We are also thinking about moving one of their ZEN applications to the iFolder, so that whenever they launch the program they read the data from the iFolder which has the newest files. This should be very helpful when they are working outside of the office as well.

If you have any questions you may contact Thomas at

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