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Keep Your IE Favorites the Same

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Posted: 14 Jan 2003

One of the cool things you can do with iFolder is to keep your Internet Explorer Favorites in sync, so no matter where you go, your bookmarked urls follow you. Nothing will make you feel more at home in an Internet café than your old familiar list of favorites.

Here are a few different methods of setting this up. Pick your favorite and run with it.

Use iFolderFavorites.exe

Ron Randquist


This utility consists of a single .exe file (ifolderfavorites.exe). It sets the favorites directory for IE to reside in your iFolder directory. This syncs all of your favorites to your iFolder account. If you want to sync your favorites to all of your iFolder machines then you need to run the utility once on each of the machines.

See the "About..." button after running the utility for additional information.

Use Tweakui

  1. Download and install TweakUI.
    This program is needed to change the location of your Favorites.
  2. Once it is downloaded, run the tweakui.exe to extract the files. Make note of the location that the files are extracted to.
  3. Go to the folder you extracted the TweakUI files to, and right-click on tweakui.inf and choose Install.
  4. Now go to the Control Panel | TweakUI
    Click on the My Computer tab.
  5. Go to the special folders drop-down box and choose Favorites.
  6. Take note of the current location of Favorites and go there in Windows Explorer and copy that Favorites directory into your iFolder.
  7. Now change the location of Favorites in TweakUI to the Favorites directory in your iFolder.

That's it, your bookmarks are now synchronized.

Move Favorites Folder

Ken C.

On each of your computers move your Favorites folder from the default location (Win2k - C:\Documents and Settings\"user name") to your iFolder. Voila - your favorites are now accessible from any PC! No other solution I've found can offer this level of simplicity!

I had previously advised that people move their end-users favorites to their home directory so that they would have the same "desktop experience" even in a thin client session. Now using iFolder, it can be extended virtually anywhere.

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