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Posted: 19 Nov 2001

Western Governors University (WGU) has a new educational opportunity for Certified Novell Engineers (CNEs) to complete their Associate degree in Information Technology.

Here's how it works: Continue your studies with Novell and become a Certified Novell Engineer (CNE). After completion of that goal, you can pursue the Associate of Science in Information Technology Degree with Western Governors University. The CNE certificate counts as 20 percent of your Associates Degree!

WGU is a "competency-based," nationally accredited, online degree-granting university. Unlike traditional programs, WGU awards its degrees based on what you know and not on how many "credits" you accumulate. You can earn your degree as soon as you can demonstrate the skills and knowledge that are required. Best of all, the university "comes to you" since it is online?delivered through the Internet. You can pursue your degree any time, any place.

For more information about the Associate of Science in Information Technology/CNE Emphasis Degree, please visit the Western Governors University Web site.

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