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Speeding iFolder Performance in Large Tree

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By Jaco Burger

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Posted: 17 Mar 2003

After installing iFolder in numerous situations, demos and customer without problems I ran into a problem when installing iFolder at a customer (ISP) in a tree with about 400,000 objects. The iFolder admin tool is very slow when there are a large number of objects in a tree (it depends on the eDir server but normally > 20 000) and the initial configuration does not complete. It is also virtually impossible to add LDAP servers.

After some investigation I found that iFolder makes heavy use of LDAP queries based on objectClass (to file iFolder objects, users, and the contexts for the LDAP server config). Searching a large tree on ObjectClass means all object have to be searched.

The solution was simple knowing this. I created a new index for the ObjectClass attribute based on value on the LDAP server and suddenly the Admin returned to normal and the responses came back within seconds.

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