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Posted: 29 Mar 2005

Tom Adelstein can't get enough of Novell Linux Desktop. Having written about it once last November, he has more to say in this great review. Mr. Adelstein feels that good technical support is important, and makes note of Novell's excellent ability to provide it to back up their products. Though lack of tech support may prevent some companies from migrating to Linux, if you go with Novell Linux Desktop, you'll get the assistance you need.


"When you look into the Novell Linux Desktop (NLD), you find a product that fits an analyst's picture of a mature open-source model. Last week, we asked some hard questions about that model with regards to Xandros and were left wondering. When you ask the same questions of Novell, the answers come out positive."

"Novell has a long history of providing support, training, back-office functionality, innovation in managing desktops and networks and a significant partner ecosystem. Since the company embraced the open-source model with the purchase of SUSE and Ximian, it has transformed the open-source model into one of maturity."

Read the entire review here.

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