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BrainStorm Cool Tip: Using Auto-Date: Part 2

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Posted: 7 Apr 2005

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Auto-Date Series:

Using Auto-Date: Part 2

When you want to schedule anything that recurs, from holidays to weekly appointments, the easiest way is to use the GroupWise auto-date feature. But auto-date is more than just simply scheduling weekly appointments. During this multiple-part auto-date series, BrainStorm will help you learn to use auto-date's lesser-known features. Set a recurring reminder for every other week to check back for the next Auto-Date BrainStorm Cool Tip.

End of the Month Task: Scheduling a recurring item based on the last day of the month

Two days before the end of each month, you are supposed to generate an end-of-month report for your company. Because the third to last day does not always fall on the same day of the week, you have a hard time remembering when to complete your task. In addition, the third to last day does not always fall on a work day, so you'd like to make sure your task shows up on a day you can complete the report. Follow the steps below to calculate the day you need to generate the report automatically in GroupWise, using auto-date.

  1. Click your Calendar icon to open your calendar view.
  2. Double-click in your Task window to open a new posted task.
  3. Type a subject (generate end-of-month report) and any other notes for the reminder.
  4. Click the calendar icon in the Start Date box and click the Select recurring link OR select Actions | Auto-Date to display the Auto-Date dialog box.

  5. Click the Example tab.

  6. Enter the appropriate Start and End dates. (Be sure to change the start date because the default will be today's date.)
  7. Select the months for which you want the reminder to occur. (Double-click on one month to select all months.)
  8. Click the Days of the Week button to display a list of other options and select Days of the Month from those options.
  9. Select Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, leaving the weekend days blank.
  10. Click the On button to display a list of other options and select On/Before from those options.
  11. Click Last in the window that shows the days of the month.
  12. A new Last button will appear surrounded by two arrows.
  13. Click the left arrow twice so the button says Last -2. This will set your recurring date for the third to last day of the month that does not occur on a weekend.

  14. Click the Dates tab to check that the dates you want the task to recur are in bold.

  15. Click OK.
  16. Click the Post button.
  17. The task will now be posted in your calendar on all the selected recurring dates.

Be sure to check the Dates tab to make sure that the task will recur on the dates you wish. Once you post the task, the only way to change it is to delete all the instances (by deleting one instance and choosing to delete all instances in the dialog that displays) and re-post the reminder.


You can use the same function to schedule other recurring items based on the last day of the month, such as a particular meeting. Check back in two weeks to learn how to schedule a recurring item based on a day of the week.

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