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Deleting "Stubborn" Objects

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Posted: 4 May 2005

A reader recently asked:

"We have removed a server from NDS. Everything works, but now I have a container with an object name: SN:XXXXX, where XXXXX is some number.

When I try to delete this object I get an error that I need delete rights. That's strange, because I have supervisor rights for the whole tree. Everything could be deleted except for this one object."

And here are the responses from several Forum experts:

Expert 1: It's a license envelope object. First try opening it and deleting the license inside it, then the envelope itself. If that doesn't help, go to, free downloads, and get .

Expert 2: Sometimes you can also delete stubborn license objects using NWAdmin. ConsoleOne requires you to log in using the same user ID that installed the license certificate in order to delete it, regardless of how powerful your ID is. You can have explicit full supervisor rights to [ROOT], but if your user ID isn't the one that was used to install the license cert, too bad. NWAdmin isn't that picky.

Expert 3: You can also reference iMonitor's advanced mode. There is a 'remove object' option there that sometimes works when other options don't.

Expert 4: I had the same problem. There is a great product called Genesis, for $80 per tree (I had two trees with this type of problem). This tool can recover from IRF and Admin password problems. It worked great and it's a lot cheaper than calling in a service request with Novell.

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