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Workaround for Multiple Address Books and GroupWise PDA Connect

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By Mike Brady

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Posted: 7 Apr 2005


The new GroupWise PDA connect does not support using multiple address books.


Some folks have been posting in the NGW listserv about this problem, so I thought I would post a tip telling how I handle it.

Since the Palm doesn't really use multiple "books", it just uses categories - I changed the way I look at the GroupWise address book. Now, instead of using a bunch of address books in GroupWise, I use the one personal book given to me by the system. Then, instead of multiple books, I use Categories. I just make sure I add those EXACT category names to the Palm. (on the Palm, go into the Address Book, then click on the top right corner, form the drop down menu there you can edit categories.)

After I sync, and click on the upper right corner of the Palm address book to choose a category, the Palm filters the addresses I see to that category. Nice thing is, GroupWise puts the category filter in the same place. Now my users can learn it once, and apply that knowledge to the Palm AND to GroupWise. Once I discovered that this works, I actually like it better than using multiple categories.

Another tip: if you have the GroupWise Address Book folder set to use your personal book (it's set to frequent contacts by default), you can set the category on multiple entries at the same time. Just use either the "Shift click" or "Control click" method to select multiple address book entries, and then right click and choose "Categories". Then you pick a category, and watch all the selected items change to that category.

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