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Keeping Users from Uninstalling the Management Agents

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By Donna Rogers

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Posted: 8 Apr 2005

I needed to prevent the users from uninstalling the ZENworks management agents. The users unfortunately had to be administrators of their workstations, which let them remove anything they wanted. Here's what I did.

After installing the management agents, I created a group policy to lock users out of the registry editors. I then created a simple application object that creates under HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Current Version\Uninstall\{product code for zen agents} the DWORDs NoRemove, NoModify and NoRepair with a value of 1. This greys out the change/remove options for the ZENworks agents in the control panel/add remove programs page. Since my users were not yet using NAL, I used the user policy package to run a scheduled action on login that executes "nalwin32.exe : /H /U /A=app object name". Works like a charm every time!

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