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Access Cached Mail in Novell Linux Desktop or Windows when using Dual Boot

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By Girish Mutt

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Posted: 7 Apr 2005

With the current GroupWise version, users are having problems with caching their mail to the local hard disk drive when their systems have the Dual boot mechanism on their machines.

Suppose, if you have cached mail under Windows-XP, when you boot your machine in Novell Linux Desktop, you will not be able to access the cached mail under Windows and GroupWise still shows the caching mailbox path as the Windows path.

This will cause a lot of problems for the user if they want to see their cached mail in Novell Linux Desktop, as the cached mail is under the Windows partition.


Novell Linux Desktop has a mechanism that allows us to recognize the Windows partitions by showing them under /windows. So if the partitions are accessible here, when you boot in Novell Linux Desktop and launch GroupWise, it should automatically find the cached mailbox path under /windows.

Users should be able to view their cached mail under the Windows partition without any problems and use GroupWise in the same way on all platforms.

This should solve most user problems when they are using GroupWise on Novell Linux Desktop.

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