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GroupWise 6.5.4 MSI Package

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By Roel van Bueren

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Posted: 14 Apr 2005

download files

Download the GroupWise MSI package and also a Tranform file which you can use, e.g. to switch the language interface with (by changing the registry entry HKLM\SOFTWARE\Novell\GroupWise\Interface Language) and which doesn't include all desktop and start menu shortcuts.

The default language interface is of English, but you can also switch to Dutch for those who want to deploy the Win32 client with a Dutch interface. I've repackaged the English and Dutch language files in this 6.5.4 MSI package. If people want to have more languages available in a GroupWise 6.5.4 package, just let me know.

Be aware I like to keep these packages small. E.g. My GroupWise 6.5.3 MSI contained all languages and was therefore 90 MB in size :-)

Additional notes about this GroupWise 6.5.4 MSI package:

  • The default installation directory has been set to c:\novell\groupwise
  • MAPI / Windows Messaging Subsystem isn't part of this MSI package. You will have to install this separately or (far better in my opinion) make this part of your base OS image
  • This package doesn't have GroupWise DMS support

If you want to customize the Transform file and you don't have AdminStudio yet, please download the "ZEN65_SoftwarePackaging.iso" from the ZENworks Suite 6.5 at and install the InstallShield AdminStudio ZEN Edition and use the 'Tuner'.

additional information:

Learn more about GroupWise and Windows installer in two articles by Roel that are published in the GroupWise Advisor Magazine:

  • Upcoming Book: Preparing to Install: The complete guide to MSI Application Distribution in a Novell ZENworks environment
    (Request a sample chapter today and a notification when this book is released.)

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