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Installing NMAS Methods for Secugen Biometric Mice

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By Norm O'Neal

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Posted: 27 Apr 2005

Thanks to Cool Solutions reader Norm O'Neal for this NMAS tip!


A customer has requested that new NMAS methods and the Secugen Biometric Mice be installed. The requirement is that two authentication methods must be used.


Use the NMAS Login Methods for Secugen Biometric Mice. Steps to accomplish this are described below, for server side and client side.

Server-side Procedure

  1. Install the Secugen NMAS Method into eDirectory.
  2. Utilize ConsoleOne and add an *SAS NMAS LoginMethod under the Authorized login methods in the Security Container. To do so, browse to the config.txt file that is in the folder with your NMAS method from Secugen.
  3. Install the Admin tools from Secugen to get the ConsoleOne Snapins.
  4. Run the Secugen Policy Editor from the workstation where the admin tools were installed. In this case I told it *Right Thumb Print only.*
  5. Create a Test User and enroll their thumb print.
  6. Create a new Login sequence. To do this, go to properties on the Login Policy Object under the Security Container and create the new sequence. Then Select NDS AND SGBIOmetric.
  7. Change the default login sequence for all the users that are using the BIOmetric device. To do this, go to Properties on the user, Security, Login Sequence tab. Change it to the login sequence that you just created.

Client-side Procedure

  1. Update the Novell Client and install NMAS.
  2. Install the Device Driver for the mouse.
  3. Install the NMAS Method Client from the NMAS login method folder. For example: C:\Apps\Novell\SecugenMethod\Client install. My client accesses the U drive in the download folder at IDOH.
  4. Set the Default Login Sequence on the client. For the users that will use the device, go to the Novell Client; click Advanced; then browse to and choose the Login Sequence that you created above.

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