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Installing ZENworks 6.5 Management Agent on Windows 2000

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By Simon Magee

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Posted: 28 Apr 2005

We haven't found any evidence on the Microsoft support web site to indicate if this is a known problem with their upgrade (leaving the installer service in an unusable state), but if you do have Windows Installer problems, it's a good idea to reinstall it.

I was having a problem installing ZENworks 6.5 Management Agent on certain Windows 2000 PCs where the Windows service pack had been updated from sp2 to sp3 to sp4. It seems the Windows installer is not updated from the service pack and stays at version 2.00.xx. If you install the ZENworks Management Agent on these PCs after the initial reboot the PC will not display the Novell login prompt -- just the mouse cursor and hang.

SOLUTION: If you have a new build of Windows 2000, install SP4 without installing any other service packs, or if the pc is not a new build, download the updated Windows installer (I believe the current version is 3) from the Microsoft support site.

Install the updated Windows installer before running the ZENworks Management Agent msi.

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