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Rename XP Pro Workstations with this AOT

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By Scott McKenna

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Posted: 28 Apr 2005

"A neat use of prompted macros."
--Shaun Pond, ZENworks Product Specialist

The information below applies to ZEN 4.x and workstations with the XP Pro operating system. This .AOT file uses a NAL APP object to rename workstations. I used Prompted macros to cue the Tech staff to enter the information that I wanted in the workstation name. In our case the names are:

%A =AGENCY (use the letter below to represent the agency which owns the equipment)


%S =SERVER (first two letters from the server name at the site)


%T = INVENTORY TAG (five numbers from the TAG add leading 0(zero) to fill five spaces)

TAG# 313 = 00313 TAG# 15987 = 15987

%SR = SERIAL last six characters from the serial number

if it is less than six characters DO NOT add leading zeros

MHD5G stays MHD5G

  • First 3 characters must be letters
  • Next 5 characters must be numbers
  • Last 6 characters can be mixed

Then I concatenated the macros into the correct registry entries as
on the workstation to change the name.

The advantage for me over using the zcnzlite.exe is that this cues the staff for each separate entry and lets me also edit the Citrix ICA client name.

This naming convention helps us when we look at lists of PCs whether it is in DHCP, ZENworks inventory, or Symantec system center.


  • The prompted string macro names have to be all CAPS.
  • The limit on Computername is 15 characters - BUT this also means that the limit on the concatenated macros (including the % characters) must be 15 characters.
  • In order to get the prompts after you have run the macro once, you have to delete the registry entry in:

    all the macros created for your object.


Shaun Pond

A further idea is that if the user who's running this application is a local administrator, you can automate the clearing of the registry entries for the macros, by adding a post launch script that does:

REG DELETE HKLM\SOFTWARE\netware\nal\2.x\macros\<TREE>\%*;App:GUID% /f

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