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Making ZENworks Imaging Scripts Available, without knowing Linux

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By Rudolf Thilo

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Posted: 28 Apr 2005

"A nice step by step guide, that should be easy to follow!"
--Shaun Pond, ZENworks Product Specialist

PROBLEM: ZFD / ZDM PXE boot to maintainance: how to make your own scripts directly available, if you have *no* LINUX knowledge? They need to be executable, so Windows alone is not suitable to do so.

SOLUTION: Add scripts executable to linux3.tgz with notepad and step by step explanation after booting a KNOPPIX cdrom, to get, modify and put back the linux3.tgz


A "dummies help dummies" solutions for others, that also have (almost) no knowledge about linux.

What I used:

  • Knoppix 3.6 boot CD (German ed.)
  • linux3.tgz from post-ir5
  • Windows notepad to create the script (as I cannot handle vi[m] etc.)


Windows and notepad to create a one-line script file:

--- win98se.s ---- begin ------
img rp //

--- win98se.s ---- end   ------

saved into ZfD Server's sys:tftp folder

At the ZENworks Server:

loaded nwftpd (my knoppix didn't offer a tftp at command prompt, only ftp)

Booted from Knoppix 3.6, opened from GUI a command shell (doubleclick the monitor symbol in the task bar)

cd /
> among others "/ramdisk"
cd /ramdisk
mkdir tmp
cd tmp

> that's the tftp and ftp and zfd server. Asks for "Username:"


> ftp might take you to your %HOME_DIRECTORY on a different
> Server, so:

cd //servername/sys/tftp
get linux3.tgz
get win98se.s

> back to shell

gzip -d linux3.tgz

> unpacks it:


> now there is a linux3.tar file, linux3.tgz has gone, untar it:

tar -xf linux3.tar

> ls shows the folders created by this step
> now the script file has to become executable:

chmod -c +x win98se.s

> output telling this was done
> move it to e.g. folder ./bin

mv win98se.s bin

> file has gone to bin
> repack the archive after deleting the old one:

rm linux3.tar

> linux3.tar has gone

tar -cf linux3.tar *
ls -l

> linux3.tar with ~ 5 Meg is there

gzip -9 linux3.tar
ls -l

> a linux3.tar.gz is now there ~ 2 Meg
> upload to the server:

> Username:
cd //servername/sys/tftp
put linux3.tar.gz

> done.

Now in win-explorer rename the old linux3.tgz to e.g. linux3.tgz.postir5 and rename the linux3.tar.gz to linux3.tgz

PXE boot into maintainance mode. linux3.tgz is tftp downloaded and unpacked, and a win98se.s runns nicely. That can be delegated to *everyone* ;-)

If you want to contact Rudi, remove the nonsense from this email address: r-dot-thilo-att-gapo-dot-de

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