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Solving Single Sign-on Issues on a Re-constructed Web Site

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By R Anupkumar

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Posted: 5 May 2005


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Novell Nsure SecureLogin (NSL) handles single sign-on to a Web site using its powerful scripting language. NSL stores the user names and passwords and then automatically enters them when required.

If your Web site is re-constructed, the NSL might fail to handle the Web site correctly, and you might face login issues. When you try to log in, the NSL script would not identify the re-constructed Web page, and it would fail to provide the credentials at the right place.


You can resolve this issue by doing a slight modification to the script corresponding to the re-constructed Web page.

Assume that you have stored single sign-on credentials for (the Yahoo Web mail). The default login script in NSL created by the Secure Login page for the URL is shown in the figure below.

Figure 1: Default login script

NSL identifies the Yahoo login Web page using the text "Yahoo! ID:" displayed in the Web page. We'll call this identification text. Due to the re-construction of the Web page, if that identification text disappears from the Web page, single sign-on fails to identify the page and therefore cannot automatically log in.

To solve this, replace the text "Yahoo! ID:" in the present script with a unique text entry from the newly constructed page. For example, if you replace "Yahoo! ID:" with the text "Enter your username and password" (from the newly constructed login Web page), the modified script will be as shown in the figure below:

Figure 2: Modified login script

The next time when you invoke the, NSL detects the Web page using the new identification text ?Enter your ID and password? and automatically logs the user in.

The strategy of this solution applies to any Web page. All you have to do is modify the identification text in the old script with the text in the newly constructed page. When selecting the identification text, you should choose a long and unique text entry so you can avoid the risk of the same text being repeated in other pages of the same site.

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