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Know When To Edit Apache Configuration Files By Hand Or Through YaST

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Posted: 3 May 2005

The question came up on the Novell Support Forums as to which apache configuration files can be edited by hand and still retain the YaST configuration ability. The following tip was posted:

The way SUSE designed its apache configuration system is that the files you should never edit are in the root of the /etc/apache2 directory. The files in the /etc/apache2/*.d (conf.d, vhosts.d) and global settings in /etc/sysconfig/apache2 are where you put your custom settings. This way, your changes are portable across servers and apache upgrades. This also makes your changes modular. You can add and remove any files in the *.d directories, and your server will still start up fine(minus those additions, of course).

Just don't touch the non *.d-foldered files and Yast should continue to manage it just fine. You shouldn't be touching these files anyways, but placing your system setup, virtual hosts, and whatnot in those respective folders.

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