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Taking the License View of Your Software Assets

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Posted: 4 May 2005

Software is often described as an "intangible," because you can't really see it, feel it or touch it. One thing is certain - software costs money. Therefore, people want to know where it is, how it's being used, if it's being used and if it's legally and cost-effectively licensed.

The challenge is, how do you describe software in ways that make sense to those concerned: the end user, the IT department and the accounting and purchasing departments?

There are three ways of looking at desktop software that apply to different users of software asset information feeds: the file view, the application view and the license view.

The license view is the most powerful view of software in an enterprise because it addresses the thorniest aspect of asset management: license compliance. Historically, this has been the most time-consuming and painful aspect of using asset tracking tools: trying to match the results from the inventory tool to software purchasing records, and then reconciling the differences.

The award-winning asset-tracking and discovery tools in Novell ZENworks Asset Management provide unmatched accuracy for a true accounting of your hardware and software assets. ZENworks Asset Management reports on the full range of IT devices - from servers and routers to desktops and laptops - and the software running them.


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