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Accessing Volumes Besides SYS Using New BASH Shell

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By Curtis Parker

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Posted: 4 May 2005

"Though this is covered in the documentation at an abstract level, this tip gives good hands-on steps that illustrate the point."
--Aaron Gresko, OES NetWare Product Specialist

PROBLEM: Can't access volumes other than sys using the new BASH shell on OES NetWare or NW6.5 SP3.

When you load "BASH" at the console on OES NetWare, you have functionality similar to the bash shell on linux. However, by default you are restricted to the sys: volume. You cannot "cd" over to any other volumes on the server.

SOLUTION: To access other volumes in the NetWare BASH shell, you must mount them in some directory under SYS:.

Create a file in the SYS:ETC directory named PATHTAB. The syntax is:
mount-point volume-path

Create the folder under the sys volume for the specified mount point. Then reload BASH and you should be able to "cd" to that folder and see the contents of the mounted volume. Specific folders under a volume can be mounted at any mount point under SYS:. The server must be OES NetWare or NetWare 6.5 with Support Pack 3.


Take these steps to make the volume DATA: accessible from NetWare BASH:

  1. Load BASH at the server console.

  2. Type mkdir /data

  3. Type vi /etc/PATHTAB

  4. Hit the "i" key to enter insert mode.

  5. Type /data data:\

  6. Hit Escape, then ":wq" and enter.

  7. Type exit to unload the BASH shell.

  8. Type BASH at the console prompt to load the bash shell again.

  9. Type cd /data and enter.

  10. Type ls to display the root of the DATA: volume.

You could also mount subdirectories to any mount point under SYS:. For example, to mount the DATA:\APPS\OFFICE\OPENOFFICE to the /openoffice directory in bash. Add this line to /etc/PATHTAB:
/apps/openoffice data:\apps\office\openoffice

Be sure to create the /apps/openoffice folder before reloading BASH.

If you have any questions you may contact Curtis at cparker[at]

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