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New feature in Service Pack 3 Version of NetStorage

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By Mike Brady

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Posted: 4 May 2005

I use NetStorage quite a bit for web based access to my files. One thing that has been a bit of a pain in the past is when I needed to grab an entire folder of files. Well, problem solved! The NetWare 6.5 Service Pack 3 version of NetStorage now allows you download an entire directory. Once you are logged into NetStorage, just place a check mark next to the folder you want to download, and then select "Download" from the menu. The server will auto-magically create a zip file with the name of the folder and begin the download. Very cool!

P.S. - There are some other nice new features in SP3 NetStorage, like the ability to manipulate (delete, download,etc..) multiple files at once. Just use the check boxes next to the files or folders, then choose the action from the menu.

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