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Use Spell Check to Save Some Typing

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By Mike Brady

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Posted: 2 Jun 2005

Having to repeatedly type long phrases or words (like technical, scientific or medical terms) is boring. Read how Mike Brady uses Spell Check to save some typing.

As we all know, GroupWise has a built in spelling checker. One nice feature of the spell check is the ability to add your own words to it. But, did you know you can use Spell Check to save some typing? That's right! Once you are done doing the "happy dance", keep reading and you'll learn how to shave seconds, maybe even minutes off your day.

Let's say I type the phrase "Reboot your computer, wait a couple minutes, then login" a lot. Well, I can setup the spell checker to type this for me. Here's how:

  1. Start a new e-mail, and click in the Message area of the e-mail.

  2. Click on the Spell Check button, or use the Tools menu and choose Spell Check.

  3. The Spell Check will finish right away, since we have not typed anything yet. Answer No to closing the Spell Check.

  4. Now, click on the Customize button. From the menu that appears, choose User Word Lists

  5. Now the User Word List window will appear. Click in the Word/Phrase field. This is where you are going to put your "shorthand".

    Note: This should NOT be a real word.

    Then click in the Replace with field. Type the big long phrase or word that you want to have automatically inserted when you type the "shorthand". Then click the Add Entry button. Then click Close, and then click Close on the spell check.

  6. Now, test your new shorthand. In my example, whenever I type the shorthand I created, all by itself (no quotes, followed by a space), I get the phrase Reboot your computer, wait a couple minutes, then login. This is pretty handy if you use a lot of long technical words or phrases, or to just place your name or the company name in a document. For example, use PA to place Precision Air, or MLB to place Mike Brady. Come up with your own shorthand phrases that make sense to you, and have fun with it!

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