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Share Your Calendar Using a Shared Folder instead of Proxy

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By Mike Brady

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Posted: 5 May 2005


When proxying to another users GroupWise mailbox, you can see all of their folders, and the number of unread messages - even if all you have is READ access to their appointments. This has presented a privacy concern for some users. The reason you see all folders is that the proxy rights are based on your entire mailbox, with the granularity being at the item level. You can't grant access to just appointments that are in the Calendar folder, GroupWise grants the proxy rights to appointments for the entire mailbox. This is why you can see all of the folders in a users mailbox, even if you only have read access to their appointments.


If you want someone to ONLY see whats on your calendar, here's how to do it.

Note: Don't give the user Proxy access. That would defeat the purpose of this tip.

OK, here we go:

  1. First, create a shared folder. Give it a name that makes sense, like "Mike Brady's Calendar" (but use your own name, we wouldn't want to confuse anyone). Add the name of the user to share the folder with.

  2. Second, setup a new rule that will LINK any new appointment to this new shared folder.

    Here are the details of the new rule:
    • Rule name: Link appointments
    • When event is: New item And items are Received and Posted
    • Item Types: Appointment
    • Actions: Link to Folder: Name of Folder you created

  3. Hit Save to save the rule, then Close on the Rules list.

  4. Now, whenever a new appointment is sent to you, or you post an appointment on your calendar, a link will be made in the shared folder. Have the other user set the view of that folder to the Calendar view.

  5. Instead of proxying to view your calendar, the other user just has to click on the shared folder.

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