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Solving Error -723: database will not open

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Posted: 11 May 2005

A reader recently wrote:

"I have a problem with NetWare 6.5. After a DSRepair (unattended repair), the local database will not open correctly - there is an error -723. In sys_netware I saw files with dates before the repair. How can i replace the corrupt database with the backup files?"

And one of our Forum experts responded:

First, as a general rule we don't recommend running repairs as a regular practice any more. To find out about general health of your tree, use iMonitor. Or, you can use the non-intrusive sections of DSRepair, such as Check External References for obituaries (DSRepair -a), Report Sync Status, Time Synchronization, viewing replica rings, etc. All of that can usually be done with iMonitor, though, and it makes logs that are great for printing (even in color) and maintaining indefinitely.

With that said, error -723 is a missing stream file. If you have all of your stream files from before (nds.01 and nds.db, probably ndt.01 and ndt.db now) and the RFL files are there (ndt.rfl and nds.rfl directories), you should be able to do the following. (If you are using remote access, don't lose the connection while you do.)

  1. Exit dsrepair.
  2. Unload ds (just to release files, in case they are not already released).
  3. Rename nds.* files and directories to ndsold.* (same extensions).
  4. Rename ndt.* to nds.* (same extensions).

Assuming the ndt files are from the directory before the repair took place, you should be able to load ds and go from there. If they are old, you may want to use DSRepair -XK2 on the system and put the replicas back on from replicas that were never "down" and not synchronizing. Where these are probably new files, that shouldn't be too necessary. Synchronization should pick up fairly quickly once you unlock the database.

As a general recommendation, before you do this type of thing again (run a repair that locks the database) feel free to grab a backup of the database to its own directory unless you have huge space limitations. For instance, in DSRepair you can create an archive of NDS from the Advanced menu. It cannot be restored without a dial-in to Novell, but at least it's an option you can use before pulling DS off the box (should the above not work), which is very frustrating for us and customers. A DIB can also be grabbed with the following command:

dsrepair -rc sys:\system\ds050503

ds050503 is the folder it will create in Year/Month/Day format (because they sort properly that way, and it's close to the ISO date standard).

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