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Leveraging Your Electronic Communications Policy

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By B Thavamani Rajan

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Posted: 2 Jun 2005


Your company has an electronic communication policy document, and you need to be able to refer to it when users make HTTP requests.


You can place a link to the policy document in the Proxy SSL Authentication login page. Then you can customize the bmlogin.htm file to contain the electronic communications policy for your organization. The steps for doing this are listed below.

1. Copy the document under ProxyServer/SYS:ETC/Proxy/Data/ directory of the Proxy Server.

2. Edit the custom bmlogin.htm file, adding the following HTML tag to it:

<a href=http://ProxyIPaddress:1959/data/filename.extension>text

For example, if the Proxy Private IP address is and the filename is loginpolicy.pdf, then you would use:

<a href=>Login Policy\</a>

3. Unload the proxy in the server console.

4. Load the proxy in the server console.

Now when a client sends an HTTP request, the proxy sends an HTML form to collect the user credentials, which contains the electronic communication policy document reference in it.

Figure: SSL Authentication Page with an link to the policy document

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