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CD-ROM not found during install of NetWare 6.5 on Dell PowerEdge 1850

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By Aaron Gilpatric

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Posted: 10 May 2005

"Good tip. Booting off of overlay support pack CDs can alleviate hardware problems with updated drivers."
--Aaron Gresko, OES/NetWare Product Specialist

I discovered that when installing NetWare 6.5 with the Dell Server Assistant CD, the installation would complete sucessfully, but booting from the Novell CD and installing would fail to load the correct CD-ROM drivers and setup could not find a CD-ROM attached.

I searched the knowledgebase and found an article describing a limitation of the NW6.0 IDE driver, and how using the drivers on the 6.0 SP3 CD helped. So in hopes that the latest service pack would help me as well, I downloaded the NW6.5 SP2 overlay CD image and burnt it to a cd. I was able to boot to this CD and run the NetWare installation sucessfully. SP2 detected and loaded all the correct drivers for my Dell hardware.

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