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Getting Mac Synching Rules to Work

Novell Cool Solutions: Tip
By Randall R. Saeks

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Posted: 18 May 2005


When you try to save the Mobile Home Directory Synching rules in Mac OS 10.4 Server to eDirectory, an error is displayed that prevents the file from being saved.


The current apple-mcxsettings schema extension from 10.2 Server has this attribute as a single-valued attribute. To fix this, the schema needs to be modified to change this from single-valued to multi-valued. This is already done in the 10.3 applev2.ldf schema from If that has not been applied, or just this one attribute needs to be changed, the LDIF file example below will do so.

To download the LDIF file, click here.

dn: cn=schema
changetype: modify
delete: attributeTypes
attributeTypes: ( NAME ( 'apple-mcxsettings' ) DESC 'mcx settings' EQUALITY caseExactMatch SUBSTR caseExactSubstringsMatch SYNTAX )
add: attributeTypes
attributeTypes: ( NAME ( 'apple-mcxsettings' 'apple-mcxsettings2' ) DESC 'mcx settings' EQUALITY #caseExactMatch SUBSTR caseExactSubstringsMatch SYNTAX )

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