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Evaluating OES: Multi-Path Functionality in Open Enterprise Server on Linux

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Posted: 17 May 2005

Editor's Note: If you have any other questions on your mind as you evaluate Open Enterprise Server, please let us know and we'll do our best to track down the answers.

John R. wrote: We're a legal firm with around 25 NetWare servers. We're beginning the process of evaluating a migration to the Linux OES platform, and have a question.

Our NetWare 6sp4 are attached to a SAN, where NetWare's multi-path feature plays a critical role. On reviewing OES documentation, I understand that multi-path functionality is not ported to the Linux implementation of NSS. This is a real problem for us. Are there any plans to add this feature to the OES Linux platform? Meanwhile, I'm investigating the Reiser file system as an alternative on our DataCore SAN solution. However, what could be a deal breaker here (even if I can get alternate path functionality with that FS) are file rights. Our Hummingbird document management system talks NCP to the document repositories, which, in turn, are located on NSS volumes.


Multi-Path IO is in OES Linux.

RPM in OES Linux:

Here's a Wiki site that explains it (see doc links at this site).

Also, you can install the multipath-tools package from SLES9 SP1:

# rpm --query --docfiles multipath-tools

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