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Restoring S2S Communication in eDirectory

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By Bhavani S T

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Posted: 2 Jun 2005


Site-to-site communication is not coming up when VPN servers are in the same eDirectory tree. When the eDirectory synchronization is not complete, the data is not updated properly in both the machines.


  1. Bring down the VPN services on both the machines, using the stopvpn command on the NetWare console.
  2. Force the sync to happen between the servers. You can the set commands of dstrace (options are *h,*a and *s) or update automatically. This should take about 30 minutes.
  3. Once eDirectory sync has been completed, start the VPN services.
  4. Bring up the slave first and then the master. This should automatically start the S2S connection.
  5. If needed, click Synchronize on the master server to manually request that the master communicate with the slave.

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