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How to Add Different Signatures to Your Email

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By Thomas Giacchina

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Posted: 19 May 2005


Adding different signatures to your email.


You can add different signatures to your email with just a few clicks of a mouse.


John Q. Doe
Acme, Inc.
619-555-5555 x 133

John Q. Doe
Acme, Inc.
4620 Road Runner Canyon Road
Tule, Az.12345

How to add multiple different signatures to your email.

  1. Create each signature as a different text file and save them to a unique folder (the folder only has your signatures in it, easier to find). I named mine signature1.txt, signature2.txt, etc. and stored them in the folder c:\mail.

  2. Open a New Mail in GroupWise.

  3. Go to File, Retrieve or F11, or add the icon onto your toolbar.

    You can add the icon by right clicking on toolbar, then clicking "Customize Toolbar..." then click on the customize tab, find the icon for inserting a text file into a message (mine was in the second row, 3 from the end). Now drag it onto the toolbar.

  4. The Retrieve dialog box comes up and now you can navigate to where you saved the signatures. You will only need to do this once. The retrieve will automatically go to the last place it went to.

  5. Double click on the signature you want to add, it will be placed right where your cursor is positioned.

Cool huh!

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