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Resolving Error when Deploying Packages to Windows XP Workstations

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By Andrew Armstrong

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Posted: 23 May 2005

"An excellent piece of detective work, verified by Patchlink themselves."
--Shaun Pond, ZENworks Product Specialist

Problem: Error status of "Failed (0x00001207)" when attempting to deploy packages to Windows 2000/XP workstations.

Below is an excerpt from the Agent deploy log:

calling HttpComm::open: open an internet handle to host: http://patchlink.x.x 
Found the element XML_TASKLIST
Found the element XML_POLICY
PatchLink Detection Agent has been started.
Create Temporary directory failed C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\A2F4BD29-B1C5-46CE-9285-7B06DF5F213C\
reate Temporary directory failed C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\A2F4BD29-B1C5-46CE-9285-7B06DF5F213C\
Create Temporary directory failed C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\332C740B-6DCA-4D7E-AFB6-70E8C3FD9254\
Create Temporary directory failed C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\120809FC-F0C1-4479-9CBD-D206C16A1050\
Create Temporary directory failed C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\E711257B-02B1-4074-A2A1-25CB50DDF312\
Create Temporary directory failed C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\256ED544-1BEC-4670-AA9D-959822BD97BC\
Create Temporary directory failed C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\1F79B61A-E212-4B36-9A02-A1BB6CAB7908\
Create Temporary directory failed C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\0F999C6F-9AE1-4844-908B-669D2C45752B\

Errors in the PatchLink 'Deploy' screen for the failed packages read a last-run status of " Failed (0x00001207)" with a comment similar to the following:

Unable to create temporary directory. C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\7C5CB8F6-59A0-481C-B3EB-406A88AA46B9\

This is an issue with the SYSTEM group on the local workstation not having rights to %systemroot%\TEMP.


On Windows 2000, you simply need to grant rights SYSTEM full access rights to the TEMP directory. On Windows XP, it is not quite that simple. Below are the steps to resolve this issue on XP:

  1. Turn off simple file sharing (Explorer->Tools->Folder Options->View-> Uncheck Simple File Sharing)
  2. Click Properties->Security->Advanced->Effective Permissions, and check effective permissions for SYSTEM.
  3. SYSTEM should have full access. If not, grant system access to TEMP.
  4. Force the agent to reconnect to the PL server by going to Start->Run and typing "GravitixControlPanel.cpl" and click either "check now" or "restart agent".

After doing this, I had no more problems with "unable to create c:\windows\temp\xxxxxxx..." errors.

The PatchLink Update service uses the LocalSystem account to do its work. The LocalSystem gets rights through the SYSTEM group. If SYSTEM only has read/fs on the temp directory, then the agent cannot download patches.

Problem solved...

If you have any questions you may contact Andrew at (after removing nospam from his email address).

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