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Setting Up LReport to Work with MySQL

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By Jason Doering

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Posted: 2 Jun 2005


I'm trying to set up LReport to work with MySQL database. The instructions on setting up the DSN to work with MySQL are vague. Does anyone have any recommendations for doing this? Thanks!


If you don't have it already, get the Windows ODBC driver for MySQL here: Then install this on Windows.

Setting Up the DSN

  1. Go to Start, Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Data Sources (ODBC).
  2. Click the System DSN tab.
  3. Add a new DSN.
  4. Select the MySQL ODBC driver and click Finish.
  5. Enter a nice name for the DSN; I called mine Novell Audit.
  6. Enter the DNS name or IP of the server running SLS. If you used the default configuration for Novell Audit the database is naudit, user: auditusr, password: auditpwd.
  7. Click Test Data to check the connection.
  8. If all goes well, click OK.


If the test fails, the auditusr account may not have been granted remote connections. To test this,

  1. Go to the NetWare console running MySQL.
  2. Type "mysql -u root -p" and press Enter.
  3. Enter the MySQL root account's password.
  4. Enter these commands at the console:

  5. GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON naudit.* TO auditusr@'%' IDENTIFIED BY 
    'auditpwd' WITH GRANT OPTION;

    Note: The "%" symbol means ... Therefore, some high-security shops may want to enter a specific IP address instead of using "%". You can change the password auditpwd to one of your choosing as well.

  6. Type "exit" and press Enter to leave the MySQL client session. The Windows client should now be able to connect.

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