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Running Foxpro App from Remote Sites on NetWare 5.1 Server

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By Edwin Grech

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Posted: 24 May 2005

I had a client who needed to run a Foxpro-based database application from remote sites which were recently connected with a WAN using IP routers. The clients were running standalone versions but now had to be online. My client was being pushed to abandon his Novell NetWare 5.1 server, and wondered if I could help.


First I installed IP and SLPDA service on the server (I had to extend schema manually). I installed remote XP clients with Client32 using IP only and setting the Service Location tab to the IP address of the NW 5.1 server. This allowed the clients to actually see the Tree and log on, but the application still failed to work.

I then installed SCMD (with the /g ) on the server and IPX again to allow the local users to connect normally.

Remote client was reinstalled with IP+compatibility mode.

Remote client logged on correctly to the tree and the Foxpro-based application worked fine!

Never thought I would need SLPDA and SCMD, but these saved the day for the trusty, old Novell 5.1 server installation!

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