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BrainStorm Cool Tip: Concealing Subjects

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Posted: 26 May 2005

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Concealing Subjects

Sometimes information you send in an e-mail may be too sensitive to risk others even seeing the subject in the recipient's mailbox. Instead of sending a message without a subject, you can conceal the subject from showing in the mailbox view. When you conceal a subject it will still show when the recipient opens the message.

Follow the steps below to conceal a message subject:

  1. Compose a new message.
  2. Before you send the message, click the Send Options tab.
  3. Click Security.

  4. Check the Conceal subject box.
  5. Click Send.

To conceal the subjects of all the messages you send:

  1. Select Tools | Options.
  2. Double-click Send.
  3. Click the Security tab.
  4. Check the Conceal subject box.
  5. Click OK.
  6. Click Close.

When the recipients receive your message, they will be able to see your name, e-mail address and the date the message was sent, but the subject will be concealed. Your recipients can then add a personalized subject by clicking the Personalize tab and typing a subject in the My Subject field if they want to be able to see what the message is about.

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