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Preserving Customized Styles in eGuide

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By John Peacock

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Posted: 8 Jun 2005


A reader asked: I will be migrating from eGuide 2.0 to 2.1, and I want to preserve my customized styles. Is it simple to do that? Does anyone have any information or docs about this?


Preserve, yes; simple, no. Every time you install eGuide, it creates a numbered backup directory for the previous installed version (so I have config, config_old, config_old2, config_old3, etc). Thankfully, the installer doesn't overwrite the modified files, but it also doesn't upgrade them in place.

The best or only thing you can do is:

  1. Back up your eGuide/WEBINF directory (just to be safe).
  2. Install the new version of eGuide.
  3. Compare the updated files in the config, plugins, and templates directories with the previous install.
  4. Take your changes and apply them to the newly installed files.
  5. Stop Tomcat and restart, to verify that this works.
I find a directory diff tool makes this much less painful. An example of this is Beyond Compare:

Still, I think it would be better if this fairly common procedure were made much easier. For example, there could be a site-config directory that would be included automatically in the production files and not be affected by minor updates to eGuide.

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