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Load Scripts and Blue-Screens

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By B. E. Kuhlmann

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Posted: 15 Jun 2005


We are running a 4-node-cluster of NetWare 6, sp4, with NCS 1.6 and eDirectory After we added

httpbind <ipaddress> /keyfile:"SSL CertificateIP"

to each of our cluster resources, we started to experience several strange errors that we couldn't explain.

Here are the problems we encountered:

  • Win98-clients couldn't connect or didn't get mappings to their home directories.
  • Mappings in DOS boxes on WinXP (client 4.83sp2) were not working. DSRepair crashed in "repair all network addresses".
  • <<BAD MESSAGE>> network addresses were generated randomly when ressources were migrated.
  • ConsoleOne produced a blue screen when passwords were set. This also happened in JRB Utilities and NWAdmin.
  • Connections weren't being released. (This problem is still persisting, but it was occuring much more often before we implemented the solution.)

Changes to the load scripts were activated by a cluster crash following a RAID-failure. We didn't realize that our problems were related with the resource load scripts but assumed something had happened related to the system crash.


We just deleted the entries in the load scripts and the problems went away. The explanation is that there are client and server caches that would lose network addresses if there were too many of them. The http binds generated three entries per virtual server. We have about 25 virtual servers, so you can imagine how many addresses per physical server we had. (We had three servers at that time; one of them was not finding its license after the crash, so two servers were left sharing the virtual servers.)

Now our cluster is running fine again! We just have a few problems with LDAP requests and AFP threads that result in 100% processor utilization. I would like to thank Niklas Ekstedt and David Gersic who were very helpful in getting this problem solved!

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