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Forcing Outgoing Email Address For Some Users

Novell Cool Solutions: Tip
By Kiril Stankov

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Posted: 9 Jun 2005

In some cases, you may need to force a special internet domain format for one or more of your users.

For example:

Thus, people will know where Jack works and its clear they must take this email seriously! :)


  1. First make sure that the domain is resolved DNS to your GWIA or email gateway. You will need an MX record for this domain, pointing to a valid SMTP agent, like GWIA.

  2. Next, add this domain to the GroupWise system:
    • Start ConsoleOne
    • Select your GroupWise System
    • From the Tools menu select System Operations > Internet Addressing
    • Add the domain to the list of recognized internet domains
    • Apply changes

  3. Now go back to GroupWise View and select Jack's user's object. Right click and select Properties

  4. On the GroupWise tab, select Internet Addressing.

  5. Go to the third checkbox - Internet Domain Name - and select the specific domain (in this case:

  6. If you want to block email sent to, instead of, select the box 'For incoming mail, ...'

  7. You're done. To speed up the propagation of the change, SYNCHRONIZE the user's object.

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