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Posted: 1 Mar 2006


"I have installed a Lotus Driver on Windows 2000. I have verified all the necessary steps that need to be done for Lotus Driver. However, I still get these errors:

DirXML: [05/05/05 12:47:50.23]: TRACE:  IDTREE_TO_DOMINO: 
NotesPublicationShimConfigData: ndsrep configuration DB template: 
dsrepcfg.ntf found on server: CN=cmd_hrd5/O=SWAKHRD
DirXML: [05/05/05 12:47:50.25]: TRACE:  IDTREE_TO_DOMINO: 
NotesPublicationShimConfigData: Attempting to open ndsrep configuration 
DB template: dsrepcfg.ntf on server: CN=cmd_hrd5/O=SWAKHRD
DirXML: [05/05/05 12:47:54.78]: TRACE:  IDTREE_TO_DOMINO: 
NotesPublicationShimConfigData: Error opening dsrepcfg.nsf on server: 
CN=cmd_hrd5/O=SWAKHRD.  ID = 4043.  Message: Database open failed (
DirXML: [05/05/05 12:47:54.78]: TRACE:  IDTREE_TO_DOMINO: 
NotesDriverShim publisher Channel: ndsrep configuration cannot be found 
or created: ndsrep may not be loadable from the Domino server
DirXML: [05/05/05 12:47:54.78]: TRACE:  IDTREE_TO_DOMINO: 
NotesDriverShim publisher Channel: Initializing database ndsrep.nsf
DirXML: [05/05/05 12:47:54.82]: TRACE:  Remote Loader: 
SubscriptionShim.execute() returned:
DirXML: [05/05/05 12:47:54.82]: TRACE:  <nds dtdversion="2.0" 

Does anyone have any idea how to solve this?"


4043 is usually associated with a complete inability to find or open the database. The error is normally a result of the file not existing, or the user not having access to the file. The Notes driver accesses some files (dsrepcfg.ntf, dsrepcfg.nsf, ndsrep.nsf, etc) via the Domino Server, so if the Domino Server and its data files are not configured correctly (TCP/IP, proper user authentication, database signing, etc), then this error can occur.

The problem sometimes can be resolved by finding the answers to the following questions:

1. Which notes.ini is found first in the OS search path? It should be a notes.ini equivalent to that of the Domino server (which references \Lotus\domino\data), and not a notes client (which references \Lotus\notes\data).

2. Does pub-configuration database (dsrepcfg.nsf and/or its template dsrepcfg.ntf) exist in the appropriate (\lotus\domino\data on Win32, or /local/notesdata on Linux or Solaris) location?

3. Does the Notes driver's user account (CN=Notes DirXML/O=MyOrg) user have appropriate rights to access the file?

4. Does the Notes driver's user account of the OS have appropriate rights to access, read, and write to the file?

5. If running on Windows, is the Domino server running as a service? Does the Windows OS have the NOTESNTSERVICE=1 environment variable appropriately set? (see TID: 10075627 -

6. Are the network settings (TCPIP) properly configured on the Domino server? For example, it is possible to see this 4043 file access problem on a system where the Domino server has improperly configured DNS names for its TCPIP connection values, and where no DNS is available within the Domino server's sub-network. Thus, the Domino server is not be able to appropriately 'communicate' to its clients.

7. Can the file in question be accessed from a Notes client via the server, authenticated as the DirXML Notes driver user (DIRXML.ID)? This means opening the database using the server name selection box from a client; this verifies that the file server can access and open the user in your behalf. Opening the database using the 'local' option in the file open selection box, does not count! This latter method has the Notes client opening the database directly, but it is necessary to verify that the server can open the database.

8. Check the following TIDs for help:

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