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NetWare 6 Talks Mac

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By Tim Myers

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Posted: 10 Dec 2001

From the "it's important to us Mac users" department, here's some great news about NetWare 6:

Why would you care about which version of Service Location Protocol (SLP) is the current standard?

Well, NetWare 6 advertises its services via SLP version 2. And Macs support SLP version 2 right out of the box. Hmm... it looks as though NetWare 6 was actually designed to support the Mac!

You can still have SLP version 1 NetWare clients and servers on the net too, just make sure the NetWare 6 SLP version 2 boxes are authoritative because they reply to both version 1 and version 2 queries intelligently.

You won't find that radical concept anywhere in the IETF SLP RFCs, just NetWare 6!

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