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Avoiding the "In Use" Message from ACT! Software on an NSS Volume

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By Tom Payne

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Posted: 15 Jun 2005

NOTICE: This Solution is straight from the December 2002 Appnotes: eDirectory Challenges, "In Use" Message from ACT! Software on an NSS Volume. I'm posting it here as there is nothing under Cool Solutions for this issue, and offering my comments on each option.

PROBLEM: ACT! 6 database on NSS volume (NetWare 6.5, SP1.1) results in this message: "The database could not be opened because it may be in use by another application."

Cheap and Cheesy solution #1:

"Connect to ACT! database as an administrator. Lock (File->Administration->Lock Database) then immediately Unlock (File->Administration->Unlock Database)."

CONFIRMED: Works great, real easy. The AppNote stated first user in, but can be done any time of the day. MAKE SURE ALL USERS ARE OUT WHILE THIS PROCEDURE IS PERFORMED. Takes a whopping 5 seconds!

Not so cheesy pain-in-the-backside solution #2:

"Run Native File Access Protocol (NFAP) on the NSS Volume. This makes it a CIFS volume and will be seen in the Network Neighborhood as a MICROSOFT SERVER and VOLUME. Share it out. Put ACT! on the shared out NFAP volume and run it. It will run extremely fast--as fast as when you place the database on the local HD of a machine. Now ACT! is accessing a drive that it thinks is Microsoft."

Note that you're now opening your NetWare server as a Microsoft Share. Eek.

Tedious solution #3:

"Create a Traditional Volume and run ACT! from said volume."

This is easy if you have space. In my case, I'd used all available space for NSS volumes. OH SURE, I could delete the volume (after a good backup), recreate the NSS volume minus x-amount of disk space, then use the remaining space for a Traditional volume.

Humbug. I'll take the 5-second solution. Oh sure it's a slight pain on your end users, but maybe if they scream enough, the ACT! devs will get their 'ACT!' together!

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