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Troubleshooting "Platform Not Supported" Messages When Installing Products on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server

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By Aaron Gresko

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Updated: 25 Oct 2004

From time to time, users report problems when installing products on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and the installation scripts reporting the platform is not supported.

When confronted with this problem, first ensure with the manufacturer that the product is supported on the target platform.

If the product is supported, make sure the platform information is correctly indicated in the /etc/SUSE-release file. For example, SLES 9 writes SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 to the /etc/SUSE-release file.

A common mistake with SLES 8 is to boot the installation with the United Linux CD 1 disk, which installs United Linux instead of SLES 8.

Finally, you can edit the SUSE-release file and trick products to install on unsupported platforms. See TID SUSE488 for examples.

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