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Extracting a NetWare Patch using Linux

Novell Cool Solutions: Tip
By Joe Harmon

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Posted: 28 Oct 2004

Novell currently puts NetWare patches out in ".exe" format. It was assumed that you would then use a Microsoft Windows workstation to extract this file, since it is in a ".exe" format. Novell now ships its own desktops, all of which are Linux. Therefore if you are running a Linux desktop to connect and manage your NetWare infrastructure, you will need the capability to extract patches in the ".exe" format.

Most versions of Linux come with a package already installed that will allow for this function. The package is called wine. Wine stands for, Wine Is Not an Emulator. This package will allow you to extract ".exe" format files onto your Linux.


  1. Download the patch for your NetWare box.
  2. Open a terminal session and change over to the directory containing the patch.
  3. At the terminal prompt type in wine patch, where patch is the name of your NetWare patch.
  4. Your patch will then be extracted to your current location in the terminal.

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