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Login Window Disappears to a Black Screen and Monitor Displays Frequency Over Range

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By Aaron Gresko

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Posted: 7 Jan 2005


The user installed SLES 8 and when trying to login for the first time, the login window disappears to a black screen and the monitor displays a Frequency Over Range message.


The X windows configuration is wrong. The user needs to verify his X windows configuration in YaST. Do the following:

  1. Switch to a console (Ctrl + Alt + F2) and login as root.
  2. At the console enter YaST2.
  3. In YaST, select Hardware > Graphics Card and Monitor.
  4. In the desktop settings screen, verify the correct graphics card for the system is listed. If not reprobe the system or specify the correct graphcis card.
  5. Select Change to configure the graphics card.
  6. Sax will start and may prompt you to set up your monitor. If prompted to set up the monitor, do so. If your monitor is not listed, use the generic LCD and VESA monitors or find a disk. Be sure to set a refresh rate and resolution your monitor can handle.
  7. Select Color and Resolution and set a resolution that the system can handle. Setting resolutions higher than the systems capabilities will cause problems.
  8. Select Finalize.
  9. A dialog is presented asking to test, save, or cancel. Select Test. Testing the setup is key, if anything is configured incorrectly, the test will let you know. If the new settings work, you'll be able to click Save and complete the configuration. Never save a configuration that doesn't test correctly.

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