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Cannot Install Intel536ep Modem on a Linux Desktop

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Posted: 3 Feb 2005


Cannot install intel536ep modem in SUSE 9.1


  • Go to in search type intel 536ep.
  • Scroll until you find intel-536ep-4.69-suse91-up.tgz and download the driver to a location on your computer.
  • Copy driver tar ball to /dev/modems.
  • Within a terminal, su to root, and then change to the /dev/modems directory.
  • Then type tar -xzvf intel-536ep-4.69-suse91-up.tgz. This will create a new folder called intel-536EP-
  • While still in super user mode within the terminal, change to /dev/modems/intel-536EP- Now type bash Intel536_inst check /dev there you should see your modem.
  • Open the Yast Contol Center, click on Network Devices and select Modems. Do not click configure, click the change button. Under modems click Add. There you will see the path/dev/modems. Change /dev/modems to /dev/536ep. Click on details and it will show your modem strings which will indicate that your modem is working. Click OK
  • Now click Next, Check Custom Providers, New, and put in your ISP provider information. Click finish when done
  • Your 536ep modem should now work.
  • ** NOTE **If you update your kernel you will have to perform this procedure all over again.

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