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Burning an ISO or Creating a CD

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By Joe Harmon

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Posted: 22 Feb 2005

Note: If you are logged in as a regular user, you will need to make sure that you have rights to the CDROM. Otherwise you will not be able to burn a CD of files. You will be able to burn an ISO.

Burning an ISO

  • It is very simple to burn an ISO image. Simply download the ISO and then right click on the file through Nautilus (Computer on desktop) and choose WRITE TO CD.

Creating an ISO

  • If you want to create and ISO or burn a CD that is not already setup as an ISO, then double click on Computer and then select CD CREATOR from the GO menu. You will notice that the URL in will change to burn:/// and you will have an icon on your tool bar labeled WRITE TO CD. Open a new window and copy the desired files and folders over to the CD Creator window.\

  • Once you have all of the files and folders over, click on the WRITE TO CD button. You will see a dialog box with three bits of information. The TARGET TO WRITE TO section has two option. One for you CD burner and one for a File Image (or ISO file). If you only have the File Image option, then you either don't have a CD burner, the CD burner has not been detected, or you do not have rights to the CDROM group. If you are using a default user that was created during the time of installation, then you probably don't have rights to the CDROM group. The WRITE SPEED is the next section. Just leave it as MAXIMUM POSSIBLE. The CD NAME is th last section. This is the name the CD will have when mounted. In this example I changed the name of my CD to be MYFILES.

  • If you choose to create an ISO instead of burning a CD then change the TARGET TO WRITE TO section to File Image. Then click on WRITE FILES TO CD. You will then be prompted to name and save the ISO to a specific location.

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