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Streaming Windows Media through Mozilla Firefox on Novell Linux Desktop

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By David Chenworth

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Posted: 8 Mar 2005

This article discusses what needs to be done to get streaming windows media to work through firefox on Novell Linux Desktop(NLD).

I have switched from Microsoft Windows XP on my Laptop to Novell Linux Desktop, however there a few online news radio stations that I was no longer able to listen to after making this change. By using mplayer, and the mplayer plugin, this problem can be remedied so that the streaming media will stream through the Mozilla Firefox web-browser.

The first step to getting this to work is to install mplayer and the mplayer plugin, which may be found here. I actually installed the mplayer and the plugin on my machine from redcarpet. The problem encountered though was that the plugin is installed into the wrong directory.

A search from the NLD desktop (System | Search for Files) shows that the file is located in the /usr/lib/browser-plugins directory. The following command will copy this file to the correct location:

cp /usr/lib/browser-plugins/ /opt/MozillaFirefox/lib/plugins/

After this is done, kill all instances of firefox and restart the browser, then test the plugin by hitting a website that streams windows media.

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