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New Field Patch for iChain (ic23fp3a.exe)

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By Jenn Bitondo

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Posted: 4 Apr 2005

This is the 2.3.270 build of iChain and includes the following fixes since SP2. See TID 2971477 for more information.

  • Memory leak reported on Server Console when downing the iChain server.
  • iChain abend in PROXY.NLM|FixURL+974 when purging cache.
  • Abend in PROXY.NLM|AuthLdapLoginWithDN during iChain login.
  • Abend in CLIB.NLM|fprintf because of invalid formatter string in SBClient::doreceive.
  • Abend in NICI code if Session Broker is enabled and Session Broker requests are split into multiple TCP segments.
  • The FTP MGET command caused the iChain mini-FTP server to enter into the Debugger.
  • iChain may cache partial data (and not the full file) during a large file download.
  • Could not accelerate Novell Remote Manager (NRM) on OES Linux (504 Gateway timeout error).
  • Proxy was caching permanent 301 redirects from Apache webserver.
  • Removed unnecessary options in PROXY.CFG.
  • NetStorage mapped drive failed through iChain when the WebDAV protocol discovery request was sent in the User-agent header. (See TID 10096429 for the proxy parameter required to enable the fix).
  • iChain made multiple LDAP searches for same info (TreeName and GUID) during a restart. TreeName and GUID is now cached unless the ISO object is changed.
  • Shipping iChain Login pages did not specify: Content-Type: text/html; charset=utf-8
  • Clarified some confusing messages in messages.cfg file.
  • Included a P3P: CP=\"NOI\"\r\n" string when setting a cookie. This prevent Internet Explorer from popping up the privacy window on iChain accelerated sites.
  • Via header host name gets reset in proxy.cfg file after every "Apply" command executed.
  • Removed case-sensitive restriction for "SET LOG ALL=Yes|No in the iChain CLI. (Previously had to use 'yes' with lower case y and no error was reported).
  • CrossDomain authentication was not working with password-expired clients accessing the password management servlet.
  • Removed LDAP search requests for dynamic queries performed by aclcheck. Re-enable by loading aclcheck with a /g1 switch in appstart.ncf.
  • Mutual authentication failing because client certificate not displayed when subject name contains email addresses with non .com domains.

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