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By Waldo Bastian

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Posted: 16 Jan 2004

Here's a quick little overview about SUSE's relationship to KDE, in response to some reader mail we have received over the past week.

SUSE has always been very supportive of KDE throughout the years. E.g. SUSE sponsored the first KDE developer meeting in 1997 and SUSE was one of the first distributions to include KDE.

In 1999 SUSE offered me, as KDE core developer, a position to work on KDE full-time. In that year we organized together with Caldera the second KDE developer meeting in Erlangen, a few miles from N?rnberg (SUSE HQ). At that time Caldera employed 2 or 3 KDE developers as well. With the UnitedLinux initiative they got transfered to SUSE, and Caldera started its transformation in a litigation company.

At the moment SUSE employs Lubos Lunak and me as part of SUSE-Labs to work full-time on KDE and there are another 10 or so KDE developers who work for SUSE and who work part-time on KDE. The most prominent one is long time KDE developer Stephan Kulow who is the current KDE release manager for the KDE 3.2 series (first release expected early next month, demos available at LWE!)

In 2003 SUSE helped the KDE developers meeting in the Czech Republic with both financial and logistical support. One of the presentations at that meeting gave a nice historical overview of the KDE project that you may find interesting as well.

Apart from that, SUSE has provided hosting/bandwidth for for about two years now.

Oh, and SUSE Desktop is of course based on KDE, making it the best Linux Desktop out there ;-)

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