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Is It Possible To Install Support Pack 1 While Installing Novell Linux Desktop 9?

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By Joe Harmon

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Posted: 6 Apr 2005

Yes, it is possible to install the Novell Linux Desktop 9 and Support Pack 1 at the same time. What is required is that you have all five CDs or both DVDs during the install process. The only exception here is the x86_64 bit platform. This platform was introduced for NLD 9 at the time SP1 came out. So the full install is the three SP1 CDs.

Figure 1: Your choices for NLD 9 and SP1.

Once you have the correct amount of CDs and DVDs, you first put in either CD1 or DVD1 of Support Pack 1. Booting off the Support Pack 1 CD or DVD will trigger the overlay installation.

When the installation process starts, you will be prompted to put in CD1 or DVD1 of the NLD 9 base code, as shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2: The prompt for CD #1 of the NLD 9 base code.

Once you complete this step, you should now be able to follow the rest of the installation procedure as outlined in the article entitled "Migrating from Windows to the Novell Linux Desktop".

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